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LabVIEW Classroom training

Are you aiming to learn LabVIEW from the scratch or how to create an advanced LabVIEW application by utilizing the most common and widely used design-patterns?
We can offer the right training for you!

Read more of our current scheduled trainings below. The courses are organized in collaboration with CN Rood.

LabVIEW Beginners
Date: TBD [Language: English]
Location: Technopolis, Espoo
Price: 2490€ (VAT excl.)

Day 1

  •  Introduction to LabVIEW
    • Overview of LabVIEW environment
    • Front panel and block diagram basics

  • LabVIEW Programming Fundamentals
    • Data types and structures
    • Loops and conditionals

  • User Interface Design
    • Creating interactive front panels
    • Working with controls and indicators

  • LabVIEW Functions and Express VIs
    • Understanding and using common functions
    • Introduction to Express VIs

Day 2

  • File I/O and Data Handling
    • Reading and writing data to files
    • Using clusters and arrays

  • Error Handling and Debugging Techniques
    • Implementing error handling in LabVIEW
    • Debugging strategies and tools

  • Modular Programming and SubVI Design
    • Creating and using subVIs
    • Building modular and scalable code

  • Introduction to Design Patterns in LabVIEW
    • Overview of common design patterns
    • Applying design patterns for better code structure

Day 3

  • LabVIEW and DAQ Configuration
    • Configuring DAQ hardware in LabVIEW
    • Setting up channels and measurements

  • Data Acquisition in LabVIEW
    • Acquiring analog and digital signals
    • Real-time data display and analysis

  • Signal Processing and Analysis
    • Basic signal processing techniques
    • Analyzing acquired data in LabVIEW

  • Project: Building a Simple Application
    • Integrating LabVIEW and DAQ knowledge
    • Hands-on project to build a basic LabVIEW application

LabVIEW Advanced
Date: TBD [Language: English]
Location: Technopolis, Espoo
Price: TBD (VAT excl.)

Agenda TBD

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