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LabVIEW Classroom training

Are you aiming to learn LabVIEW from the scratch or would you like to bring your current skills to the next level? We can offer the right training for you!

Read more of our current scheduled trainings below. The courses are organized in collaboration with CN Rood.

LabVIEW Fundamentals
Date: 29-31 March 2023 [Language: English]
Location: Technopolis,
Price: 2100€ (VAT excl.)

After attending this course, you will be able to:

  • Create LabVIEW applications to take automated measurements from NI based and other measurement hardware

  • Add functionality to the program to analyze the taken measurements

  • Store the taken measurements and other data to a file

  • Use the most common programming structures in LabVIEW

  • Troubleshoot LabVIEW code

Day 1

  • General introduction

  • Software programming Fundamentals

  • The LabVIEW Environment

  • Writing a small LabVIEW program

Day 2

  • Using LabVIEW to take measurements

  • Analyzing and storing results

  • Debugging and troubleshooting

  • Commonly used programming principles in LabVIEW

Day 3

  • Start to build a Thermal Chamber tester

  • Battleship game – debugging and improvements

  • Q&A

LabVIEW Advanced
Date: 19-21 April 2023 [Language: English]
Location: Technopolis,
Price: 2490€ (VAT excl.)

After attending this course, you will be able to:

  • Gain the skills to create medium and large applications in an efficient manner

  • Utilizing Graphical Object-Oriented Programming with LabVIEW and OpenGDS

  • Safely reaching out more complex design-patterns and architectures

  • Deliver a deployable application


Day 1

  • LabVIEW Fundamentals Course recap (design patterns, queue, events)

  • JKI State Machine

  • Introduction to GOOP (Graphical Object-Oriented Programming)

Day 2

  • By-Value and By-Reference classes

  • OpenGDS (GOOP Development Suite)

  • Active Objects

Day 3

  • Installers, executables and packages

  • Let's build an extended and GOOP based version of the Thermal Chamber

  • Source Code Control & Project Management tool

  • Introduction to the OpenGDS UML Editor

  • Q&A

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